To All the Pinterest Moms Out There

Hey perfect Mama, you don’t offend me.

You’re a Pinterest mom? That’s great. Your kids are lucky to have you; their life is full of magic because of your creativity.

You volunteer at your child’s school? Good for you, I’m sure that’s as rewarding for you as it is them. I’m glad there are more people pouring love into this place.

Your hair is always done and you put on jeans every day? I’m glad you’re able to take care of yourself and feel confident whether you’re hanging at home or running errands.

You cloth diaper and make your own baby food? You have a strict no sugar rule? You prioritize what’s important and stand by your convictions. You sound like a good role model.

You do sensory activities and actively teach your child? Thanks for posting, I needed some fresh ideas.

You went on a girls’ trip and have regularly scheduled childcare? I’m so glad you know the importance of taking care of yourself. You inspire me to advocate for my needs.

I don’t feel shamed. I don’t feel attacked. I don’t feel inferior. I don’t feel jealous.

I know you don’t do these things to make me feel bad, you take care of your family the best way you know how.

It’s. Not. About. Me.

I am the mother that my children need. Nobody could do this job, for these kids, better than me.

And I believe that about you too.


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