The Truth About My Marriage

Here's the truth about my marriage.

Two days ago I wrote about how balanced we are, what great partners we are, and how we compliment each other. I meant every word of it.

But if we're talking balance...

My husband didn't acknowledge Valentine's Day and yesterday I wanted to buy Kleenex for our house and he said no.

What he did was wrong.

More recently I wanted to invest in a personal project and he suggested we have an adult conversation about it before I did so. I was not interested in talking. I went ahead and spent the money. Because I have a problem with asking for what felt like permission.

What I did was wrong.

Add three kids. Add ten years.

I am grateful and blessed beyond measure, in love and all that stuff. But Lord, I am also tired and fed up and pissed.

We dance our way out of right and wrong and some weeks it feels like we see just as much bad as we do good.

This winter will end, so will the bad. I don't trust my feelings, because like seasons, they change. I honor the commitment I made, because that isn't negotiable.

Keep choosing your commitment, because this season doesn't tell the story of your marriage.


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