Our Anniversary Isn't Special

It’s our anniversary. And there are no roses.

It happened on Valentine’s Day too.

I think the special days are hard on purpose. It reminds you that marriage isn’t magic, and wedding bands aren't armor.

That death and birth can fall anywhere on the calendar. That life doesn’t pay attention to dates, it deals blows and doesn't consult your planner.

We'll lose jobs and money, parents and friends. We'll continue to suffer individual heartbreak.

Dreams will die and new ones will form and you and I will have to continually fall in love with the person the other becomes.

Marriage doesn't deflect the hardships of life, sometimes it even plays a hand in orchestrating them.

A good marriage houses everything and our wedding day was just the first picture we hung on the wall.

And we'll keep hanging them, the good and the bad, the inconvenient and the tragic. We have something to hold it all up. Even when we're scrambling for a hammer and nails.

Our anniversary isn’t special.

But we are. What we're building is.


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