Let's Hold Them Now, They Will Hold Us Later

I was burned out last night. My son crawled in my bed and put his arm around me.

“Does this feel better?” he whispered.

It did.

It was the first moment of my entire 7 years parenting, that I realized my life won’t always look like this.

I won’t always feel like I’m pouring into them thanklessly. I won’t always feel like they are stretching me so thin my arms have broke. I won’t always be repeating myself or telling them when to wash their hands.

One day, they’ll pour into me. One day, after a long hard life, they’ll call and ask me what I need. If I do this right, if I invest in them with all my heart now, they’ll invest in me then.

So I’ll say what the grey haired ladies before us have always said, one day we will join them, and these days will just be memories that match our wrinkles.

So keep pouring mama. One more laugh line for the journey. What goes around, will come back around.

Let’s hold them now.

They will hold us later.


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