I Want Another Baby, But I Won't Have One

I want another baby, but I won’t have one.

They say you’ll know when your family is complete, well my house if full but my heart doesn’t feel quite whole.

But I’m done with tripping on bouncers and I’m sick of cleaning bottles. I excitedly list baby items on Marketplace, I pass this stuff off to any expecting mother that shows interest and I run unwanted items to the curb.

I’ve just about had it with making trips in the night down the hall. I’ve worn a midnight path in our carpet to their room.

I’m done with sticky everything. I’m done with plastic junk.

I’m done with losing hair and leaking breasts.

I’m done with harboring grudges against my husband, about who gets less sleep and who does more.

I’m done with lugging car seats, bruising my hip.

I’m done with unfinished books and cancelled plans.

I’m done letting a nap schedule rule my world and a trip to the grocery store unravel it.

I’m done with going back in time, starting over again. I’m ready to move forward.

But if you ask me if I want another baby, I will always say yes.

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