I'm Guilty of Judging Other Moms

Meghan Melia Photography

I want to tell you that I stopped judging moms once I became one.

That I was above mom shaming and once I walked in a mother's tired shoes it was the wake up call I needed. But it wasn't. 

I want to tell you I passed out grace and the benefit of the doubt like confetti. But I didn't. 

I still wondered why your child had his pacifier when I was able to cut the cord so easily. I wondered why you would spank your child when there was an overwhelming body of research that would suggest you shouldn't. And excuse me girl, why is your kid's bedtime so late? 

But then I had another child and that birth came with so many lessons. 

It made everything hard for me. 

Childcare. Discipline. Self-care. Hygiene for my children and myself. Feeding. Clothing. Screen time. Marriage. Friendship. Professional growth. Personal growth. Drinking water.

Lord, drinking water is difficult for me, CONFISCATE THESE CHILDREN. 

I am unfit, shepherding these sweet cherubs is a job I am so unqualified for.

Every single thing had a new layer of complexity.

It just broke me right on down. I didn't have time for research, vegetables, yoga, and an every other day bath schedule. Not all at once. 

For the first time in my life I had to choose what to focus on. I had to make game time decisions about whether or not I was going to let my baby sit and cry while I disciplined my toddler for talking back.

So here we are. My toddler talks back and when I finally have had enough, sometimes my baby has to sit and cry. 

This is a lawless land. And I shoot from the hip without proper firearms training.

I don't know what your tipping point will be. Maybe it will be one child or seven. 

But I do know my rules don't apply to your motherhood. 


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