He's Lucky to Have You

He’s lucky to have you.

I know people don’t say that often. One diaper change and someone will turn to you and say how lucky you are to have him though.

If he works hard they say he’s a provider. When you work hard, they’ll say you’re selfish. He gets a degree and they’ll say he’s driven. But if you want to go back to school, they’ll say you’ve lost your priorities.

If he cooks dinner, or buys a gift, everybody swoons. “You are so lucky,” they’ll say.

But if you want to hear a secret, I think he is lucky to have you.

You keep life spinning. It’s just that no one goes on Instagram to post a photo of ironed pants. No one talks about the hundred different things you do each day to keep the kids fed, or the sink empty. No one brags about the field trip chaperone or the Valentines snack bringer.

So thank you for packing lunches, and wiping counters. Thank you for seeing a future for him and your kids, that they couldn’t see for themselves. Thank you for homework assignments that were turned in on time. For soccer camp and karate lessons. For drop offs and pick ups, for wrangling dreams in, and chasing nightmares away. Whether working mom or stay at home, you’ve never had a sick day.

& in case no one ever has, let me be the first to mention,

that he is lucky to have you.


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