Good Enough

Some days my faith feels laughable. My prayer time feels lonely. Like I’m screaming by myself in a sound proof room. I’m asking for hope, for a piece of my future to break off in my hand so that I can be assured that there will be another side to this. God please don’t leave me here. Tell me there is another side.

Most days I just feel “good enough”. Like I’m surviving on auto pilot. I’m tired, but I’m swimming. I’m weary, but I haven’t given up. I’m showing up empty, but at least I’m showing up, and I’m pretty sure that means I’m doing “good enough.”

The thing that Scripture reveals clearly, is that God’s proximity is never determined by our circumstances. Good godly people, feel the weight of this world too, and that doesn’t mean that God has left us.

So today, keep showing up. Keep showing up tired, keep showing up broken and keep showing up empty. There will be another side. Sometimes showing up is good enough.

Faith isn’t just believing that God can heal us now, it’s knowing that even if He doesn’t, He will heal all things later.


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