Finding the Chemistry

I didn’t want to marry my best friend. I wanted to marry the guy whose phone calls I was nervous to answer. I wanted to marry the person who made me tongue tied. I feel like people downplay chemistry. They say you can fall in love with anyone whose kind and you do time with.

I am sure you can love anyone, but can you be IN LOVE with just anyone? I wanted to store up years that felt unbelievable to someone I wasn’t sure I deserved, because I knew that kids would poke holes in even that.

Kids have a way of stonewalling chemistry. They can take the guy you can’t keep your hands off, and turn him into the dad you just want to take a nap with. Kids will have you coming home early from date night because losing sleep doesn’t feel worth the risk. I wanted chemistry, because if I didn’t want to still rush home to see my husband, I may stop rushing home.

So here’s to the mammas who wanted chemistry, and are struggling to remember where they put it.

Here’s to the wives who get jealous of the waitress, cause we are CONVINCED everyone wants our man. Here’s to the late nights watching reality tv next to the guy who used to make you nervous. He’s home-base now, and absolutely your best friend. Magic may look different these days, so soak in the moments where sparks still fly. He’s still the guy who made you tongue tied. Today, tell him how unbelievable he is. Pinch yourself. Find the chemistry again. You both need it.


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