I’m a Stay-At-Home Mom, Don’t Expect Me To Cook And Clean

I’m a stay-at-home mom who firmly believes that cooking and cleaning are not part of my job description. Do I make meals for my child? Absolutely. Do I maintain a level of cleanliness in my home as not to attract bugs and avoid hazards, sure.

Do I love gardening with kids in our backyard? Definitely! Anything else is extra. I don’t make sure to pick up before my husband gets home from work and dinner is never on the table. Ever.

My husband goes to work to provide his family… everything. He buys all the stuff I should be cleaning and the food I ought to cook. I am eternally grateful. I get to spend my days with my daughter and the only time I forget how blessed I am to be a stay at home parent is, every 5-10 minutes when I long to be the one who whisks away to somewhere that is not my house, where there is only one persons set of needs to attend to.

How to Start Gardening with Kids?

When last did your kids get their hands dirty? One of the best ways to let kids learn about nature and enjoy it is through gardening. Gardening is educative for kids teaching them how food gets to our tables.

The first step to start gardening with kids is to teach them the basics. What do you need to start gardening? Educate the kids on the basics. Tell them what plants need to grow. Following some useful resources about gardening will give you a quick start.

Yes, it’s a lot funnier when kids get to choose their plants. This is a great stage to involve your child in the right type of plants to grow. Getting the child involved from the start gets them emotionally involved with the plants.

An Open Letter To People Who Hate Kids

I saw the way you looked at her, and then back at me. Disgusted. Annoyed. You glanced at your friend conspiratorially; your face said, “Why would she bring a child here?” You were genuinely bothered. I imagine you think the best place for her is at home.

But not in front of a TV. I know your type; you have a lot of opinions about how other people parent their children. But I already answer to someone else’s needs; I’m not here to police her into stillness and silence for your benefit.

Since you were wondering though, I brought my 2 year old to an art museum for the same reason you and your “I’m too elevated to procreate” bestie with your ironic haircuts and acid wash everything came to this art museum. It was cold, and rainy, and we wanted to get out of the house. We wanted to see art. We are on week 1 of 45 of cold weather here in the Midwest; we’re all just trying not to lose our minds. And you’ll be seeing us around, so get used to it.

What a Stay-At-Home Mom Needs From Her Husband

Dear Husband,

I want to take the time to tell you what I need as a stay-at-home mom. Yes, there’s more. More than the mortgage covered, and the minivan payment, and the food on our table and clothes on all five of our backs.

I know what you don’t need; you certainly could do without more to-dos and more pressure. You already carry the weight of the world on your shoulders; us four girls are a lot and then some.

But if you’ll only hear me out.

I need you to come home from work and take over. Like immediately. Pick up a baby; rescue our toddler from the TV. I haven’t brushed my teeth yet and I’ve been holding my pee for three hours. I need you to show our children love because I’ve been serving from an empty cup since 10 am; I’m actually talking back to a three-year-old. And as you can see she’s naked. Her butt has seen every surface in this house – no couch or carpet has been left unscathed – wrestle her into that pile of clothes I brought down this morning.

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